Wrestling Biography

Already at young age, Bernard was a wrestling fan. Just turning 6 he started judo, which kept him calm until his was 19, but wrestling was still his passion. He started weightlifting (as he was at a slim 64 kilograms), and he built his weight up to 80 kilos. In 1992 he moved to Florida, USA to become a professional wrestler. He was trained by multiple champion "Exotic" Adrian Street. Bernard competed in small independents s in Florida, Alabama, Texas, Georgia ...

Back in Europe he won the Belgian middleweight championship in 1993. He was immediately offered his first pro contract by Catch Wrestling Association in Austria. At the end of 1993 he did his first competition for NEW CATCH in France, which was known for their programs on Eurosport TV. In 1994 he returned briefly to the USA to do matches in Texas. Then back in Europe he signed monopoly at NEW CATCH, France.

His success in the sport earned him several TV deals, for example: - In the French TV show Fort Boyard he played the role of "L'Homme fort / strong man" for four years - On Belgian TV Channel Kanaal 2 he hosted WCW Worldwide for two years with co-host Wim Coryn. - Bernard got some roles in music videos, tv reports, the Flemish Matroesjka's ... "Europe belongs to me".

In the coming years he won main events in 20 countries on three different continents. (Switzerland, Portugal, Macedonia, Spain, Italy ...) He became co-holder of the European tag team championship in 1996 (France) and in 1997 (Slovenia). On 16 May 2003, the Spanish Dragon de Oro defeated in a tournament finale in Paris and Bernard won the European heavyweight championship. At this time, his weight fluctuated around 100 kilos. Meanwhile, he successfully defended this title on a monthly basis against challengers from France, Italy and Turkey. In 2004 he lost the European title in Oslo, Norway, against the Norwegian Erik Isaksen. 5 months later, Bernard gets a re-match, and wins the title back in France. December 2006 Bernard defends the title in Vanta, Finland against the Finnish Starbuck. He loses the title and Starbuck becomes a new European champion. Barely two months later Bernard wins the title back in France. June 2007: In a tournament final Bernard de E.W.E. International title in Seville - Spain, becoming a double crown champion.

In June 2010, he lost the European title to Cybernic Machine, in Zawiercie Poland. Vandamme decided not to challenge for the title anymore. In the meantime, he continued touring throughout Europe and remained top contender for the European title. In February 2014, he defeated the Canadian Rebel Starbuck in Helsinki, Finland in just 1 minute 58 seconds and wins the Wrestling New Classic title (WNC Japan). Exactly one week later Vandamme won the European title back, by defeating Cybernic Machine, in a career vs. career match. Cybernic lost the title and his pro license. After his record-stunt in Finland, Vandamme scores high again, defending the WNC title successfully in Tokyo, Japan and defeating fan favorite Yoshihiro Tajiri in 3.5 minutes.

At the end of 2015, Vandamme decided to give up the European title, and have it declared vacant. He decides to concentrate more on work behind the scenes. In March 2017, Vandamme won the Romanian title in Cluj, Romania ... "I didn't mean to, it just happened ..." Vandamme says. Today Vandamme occasionaly steps in the ring, mainly in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Pakistan. In the meantime he reboosted his music career; under the name Big B he makes a music style that he calls "Arabeat".